Posts How to import AWS Cognito users to MailChimp

How to import AWS Cognito users to MailChimp


This tool helps you import AWS Cognito users to the contact list in MailChimp.

It does not override your current contacts, a contact that already exists will just be skipped

In action

mailchimp-cognito-import CLI


Before you start

In order to import users from cognito to your mailchimp account, you need 3 things:

  1. Cognito userPoolId of the user pool that contains the users you want to add to mailchimp.
  2. MailChimp API key: How to get one
  3. MailChimp list ID: Where to find it

If you run on your local machine, also make sure that your AWS profile credentials are set in ~/.aws/credentials


If you want to use within a project

npm install --add mailchimp-cognito-import

If you want to install globally and run from anywhere

npm install -g mailchimp-cognito-import


Use with CLI (global install)

mailchimp-cognito-import <user-pool-id> <mailchimp-api-key> <mailchimp-list-id>

You can also show the help prompt by running without args.

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