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Who am I?

My name is Taha HICHRI, I am 25 years old. I currently live in Paris, France.

What I am up to?

After graduating from the Higher Institute of Technological Studies of Bizerte, I joined a company named Bilog as an iOS developer before deciding to experience the freedom and endless possibilities as a freelance. Currently, I am a mobile consultant at Cardiweb; I was involved in a couple of embedded systems projects, mainly bringing smartphones and development boards together. I believe in freedom and creativity and I love creating things from scratch; Hence, GNU/LINUX is my main OS and it is where I feel home. If I am not programming, I am usually playing video games, listening to heavy metal, or learning guitar.

Some of the things I enjoy and spent time working on include:

Mobile develepment

Imagine the feeling you get when you find out that thousands of people are carrying a piece of code that you wrote everywhere they go!


Virtual Reality/Augmented Reality

I will never forget the feeling I got when I saw people experiencing my first VR app. Imagine people entering a world you created!


Machine Learning

Why program a machine when you can teach it to make its own decisions?!



Linux is one of the things that motivates me to learn programming. It also taught me that, by sharing, we can achieve wonderful things.

Augmented Reality/Virtual Reality How I used Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality to show the potential of both platforms. ARealizerGearVR - Android
  • Immersive Experience

    The attention to details combined with advanced development tools will make you forget your surroundings.

  • Interactive

    • Move arround and explore the map
    • Interact with the objects arround you

  • Unleash Your Imagination

    Augmented Reality is about going beyond the limits of physics and time.

Wireless access redefined Access your phone, transfer files and conduct your conversations from any PC/MAC. WiSync for android
  • Wireless

    The only thing you are going to need is a WiFi connection, no USB cables, no Internet access required!

  • Secure

    WiSync provides 2 types of security:

    • Fingerprint or password authentication to make sure that only you can use the app.
    • WiSync works completely offline and uses 64-bit end-to-end encryption.

  • Light-weight

    Stream videos/music from your device to up to 3 PCs simultaneously while transfering other files and enjoy a smooth experience.

  • google play store logo Galaxy apps icon
Keep an eye on your data Monitoring and limiting your internet usage never been easier SmartSwitcher for android
  • Reliable

    Keeps and eye on your mobile data and Wi-Fi received and sent data, as well as installed apps internet access.

  • Flexible

    Adapt your apps behavior to fit you daily life, limit internet consumption by mobile data, Wi-Fi and even upload/download.

  • Light-weight

    Made with your phone battery life in mind, SmarSwitcher saves you battery life by reducing its resources need.

  • google play store logo Galaxy apps icon
When your smartphone meets Arduino If your project involves a smartphone, and Arduino board, both connected wirelessly, you came to the right place. AndroidLEDcontrol
android arduino MEGA
  • Connectivity


  • Requirements
    • Smartphone running Android 4.1 (JELLY_BEAN) or later
    • Arduino board
    • Bluetooth module
    • LEDs -depending on your project and needs-
  • Source code

    The complete arduino, android app source code and the steps you need to follow to implement them are available on my Github repo below.

  • Fork Source
Whether you are a fellow developer, or just want to take a look "under the hood" of some of my projects; You've reached the right place! My Open-source projects
The projects listed above are totally open-source for any one to use. Please read the license before usage.
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